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Just curious.

I know that there is a school/class dedicated to those who wishes to partake a course in voice acting here in Singapore.

Their website is right here.

However, when I dropped an email to them a couple of weeks ago to ask about the course - I received no reply.

So my question is, are they still going to offer courses in voice acting and is the price still the same?

I'm really tempted to call them up to ask about this -_-''' If they don't get back to me by the end of this week.....

Gacha = Gacha Episode 7!


Gacha=Gacha episode 7 is out! Check it here on 77 Star.

In this episode the Miracle Girls visit the Hokkaido Fair! Our 4 little girls have brought us much entertainment with their different personalities! This time is no exception! They met a Glutton at the fair requesting a food battle! Who would emerge as the winner? Joei or Glutton?

Miracle Girls Stage Performance ♥

Hey friends!

The voices behind our Miracle Girls will be making a 30-min appearance on stage this 28 June at the Singapore Toy and Comic Convention!

Come and show your support to these voice talents as they make their debut stage performance ♥

Voi-cha Vol. 3

Hey Everyone!

The latest installment of vocha is up! Do catch it on out website!

In this volume of Voi-cha we have invited the voice behind Nina! Meet Sharon! Learn new Japanese phrases also be introduced to the various popular title for manga in town.

So what are you waiting for! Click here link to watch! Enjoy!

Comic Market

Dear all~!

The details of the tour to the 5-days-4-nights The details for the Comic Market Tour 2008 is here ^0^/ 

Aug. 14 (Thu) [TOKYO] The scene of Japanese animation
- Learning experience at Yoyogi Animation School
- Visit to the Suginami Animation Museum

Aug. 15 (Fri) [TOKYO] Tokyo Comic Market
- Tokyo Bay Fireworks display at the site
Aug. 16 (Sat) [TOKYO] Tokyo Comic Market 

Aug. 17 (Sun) [TOKYO] All Day Free at Tokyo 
Aug. 18 (Mon) [TOKYO] Coming Back from Tokyo 

Lodging: Tokyo Green Hotel Korakuen 
This hotel is near the famous TOKYO DOME !!!!! 

Participants are most welcome to visit the dome on the free day ^0^/ 

Click here for the access map from Tokyo Green Hotel Korakuen! 

Find out more at 77 Star, (+65) 6410 9770 or email to info@77-star.com 

Hurry!!! Registration ends 15 July 2008

This tour is jointly organised by TRIPS International & 77 Star Pte Ltd

The Voice of Stars

Hello everyone!

77 Star has introduced a new program, Voice Channel ♥
The 2nd volume of it was uploaded yesterday HERE

Share your thoughts with us!


GACHA=GACHA Website has a new face!!!!!!! \^0^/
Do check it out

Also! Today is the audition for 77 Star 2nd Animation, Double Striker!
I wonder who will be selected for the cast this time around... *ner vous*

77 Star 3 day Interactive Workshop


77 Star is proud to present you with a 3 days Interactive Workshop where you can experience the different course that we offer all at and affordable price!

In the 3 days interactive course, you get to learn voice acting, animation and manga drawings.

So what are you waiting for! Contact us for more details!

Contact Details:
167 & 169B
Telok Ayer Street
Singapore 068620  
(o) 6410 6770
email : eclairlim@gmail.com

Gacha=Gacha 100,000 hits!

Gacha=Gacha has hit 100,000 hits!

Join us for more Gacha=Gacha fun on our website!

Join Asuka, Nina, Joei and Elizabeth on their journey to explore various part of Singapore. Bringing you delicious food, trends in fashion and the latest information in manga and anime!


Gacha=Gacha is a 24 episodes series rotating around a Japanese high school girl named, Asuka. Together with her Singaporean friends, they hunt out various things that are famous in Singapore.  


The first animation production of 77 Star!
Catch this 24-episode series on youtube!!

Here's a little preview of episode 1 ♥

See the rest ►here◄

Check out GACHA=GACHA Seiyuus Profile over HERE